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La Isabela Ecuestre

Paso Horse Riding

Learn everything related to the Paso Horses, live in a complete Course of Chalaneria or Horse Riding the art of riding and enjoy the Colombian Paso Horse. Generalities, races, colors, approach, precautions, handling of implements and much more; Its four (4) gaits: trot and gallop, the trails and our Colombian Paso Horse.

Equine Tourism

Horseback riding on the roads of the Colombian cultural landscape. Protected and preserved by UNESCO. The Colombian Paso Horse, declared Cultural and Genetic Heritage of Colombia, combined with the cultural landscape, make the route a harmonious correlation between nature and human actions, living the legacy that reveals historical and cultural aspects of the territory.

Coaching with Horses

WALKING GAMES aimed at discovering strengths and weaknesses through the equine world. The Horse is a vehicle for a personal adventure into the realms of mind, body and spirit, they are specialists in responding, their responses to our behavior provide us with clear and accurate feedback on what is really going on and how we are perceived.

Trochando Sueños Foundation

The Trochando Sueños Foundation is a private non-profit organization created to help people with visual disabilities. We carry out different recreational and sports activities around the Colombian Paso Horse, a project inspired by the work "Si un niño ciego tiene un caballo" (If a blind child has a horse) by the poet "Cachi Ortegón", and "El Cholo Valderrama", a master of the llanera music.

Nuestros Andares


«A caballo vamos pa’l monte….»

Muchas son las personas que tienen un especial afecto por los caballos y son ellas quienes al ver un hermoso ejemplar se vuelcan a las calles para admirar a un

El caballo de paso fino de Colombia

Si bien como casi todas las razas de Sudamérica su origen están en la llegada de caballos de España en la época de la conquista a esas latitudes y los animales usados

¿Por qué los caballos relinchan o resoplan?​

¿Por qué los caballos relinchan o resoplan? Tipos de comunicación *La comunicación visual es la principal, para interpretar lo que desea expresar el caballo, será necesario observar orejas, cabeza, patas

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